Spatial Transactions understands how new technologies will impact public safety since we have always worked on the leading edge of public safety technology. So if you want a consultant who understands how NG9-1-1 will impact your CAD, your addressing and GIS operations, your EOC, and your dispatch center business model and governance then contact us. We can supply expertise for a single project or assist you with specific tasks. Our specialties include:

  • Understanding how NG9-1-1 will change basic CAD functionality. We also understand why putting a line in an RFP for a new CAD system that says “Must comply with NG9-1-1” will lead to disastrous results for the client.
  • Understanding why many critical CAD functions are in the process of being moved from CAD to NG9-1-1 and how these functions will impact the dispatch center.  
  • NG9-1-1 combined with declining public safety budgets will drive the consolidation of public safety call taking and dispatch centers. Those centers that can understand and apply the new technologies will be the centers that survive consolidation. We understand how to position your center so it thrives.
  • We understand that too many workstations, displays, keyboards, and mouses at a single position is detrimental to a call taker or dispatcher accomplishing their mission and exponentially increases the long term maintenance cost.
  • We understand how addressing is essential to all local government operations, not just public safety, and that a NG9-1-1 maintenance solution must be embedded within the addressing process and not looked at as a separate application.
  • We understand why it is essential to think of the NENA NG9-1-1 Data Model as a data exchange standard versus a data model.